What’s The Best Type Of Mattress For Someone With Back Pain?

Approximately 31 million Americans suffer from back pain each year. If you're one of them, you may have already developed a treatment plan with your doctor that includes prescription medications, limited bending and lifting, and special bedtime habits like sleeping with a thick pillow between your knees. Unfortunately, sometimes these methods are not enough to help combat your back pain, and you may find it extremely difficult to fall asleep at night. If your back issues leave you tossing and turning as the night drags on, look for a mattress with features like the ones listed below.

Medium Firmness

In the past, experts recommended extra-firm mattresses for patients with back pain, but a recent Harvard study shows that an orthopedic mattress, also known as an extra-firm mattress, can actually cause more pain than a softer mattress. A mattress that is too soft will sag and fail to support joints and muscles, but an overly firm mattress fails to contour to the body's form, resulting in painful pressure. If you are plagued by issues with your back, Harvard Medical School recommends purchasing a medium-firm or firm mattress, not a soft or extra-firm mattress, if you want a comfortable night of sleep.

Offset Coils

Most mattresses contain interior springs. These springs support your body as you sleep, preventing you from sinking into the mattress. There are numerous types of coils and springs available, but if you have back pain, look for a mattress with offset coils instead of interior springs. Offset coils conform to the unique curves of your body, providing ample support as you sleep. Offset coils also have good motion isolation, which helps the mattress remain firmly in place on your side of the bed if your partner tosses and turns frequently or takes numerous late-night trips to the bathroom.

Body-Hugging Foam

Did you know that you can buy a mattress without springs or coils? If you can't find one with offset coils, look for one made from plush foam. Foam gently cushions your body no matter what position you sleep in, providing plenty of support for aching joints or out-of-whack backs. You can even request a bed with matching foam pillows.

Unsure if you want an entire mattress made of foam? Try inserting a foam topper on your mattress to see if it helps you sleep better than you do on a mattress without a cover. 

Finding the perfect mattress takes some trial and error, so you may have to test multiple mattresses before you find one you like. Many individuals can benefit from a personalized consultation that addresses sleeping habits, medical conditions, and budget restrictions. Contact a specialist from a mattress manufacturer to identify which of their mattresses can help alleviate your back pain without draining your bank account.

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