4 Tips For Caring For Your New Mattress

When you get a new mattress, it is exciting to have a fluffy, warm, and cozy bed. However, if you want it to remain in this pristine condition, you need to take good care of it. Follow these easy tips for caring for your new mattress brands.

Use a Strong Bed Frame

It is highly recommended that you have a bed frame for your mattresses instead of just putting them directly on the ground. This helps to give the mattresses extra support, especially when you have a solid wood or metal frame that the sides of the mattresses can fit snugly inside. You also want to have rigid center support, which keeps the bottom-center of the mattress from sagging. It can also prevent sagging of one part of the mattress, such as the side with the heavier spouse, or the top end sagging, while the bottom end doesn't sag.

Cover the Mattress With a Pad

Mattress pads are beneficial and affordable, making them one of the best ways to protect and care for your mattress. With a good mattress pad, you are able to protect the surface from stains, dirt, and body oils. Even if you don't have a sheet on it, though you should try to keep sheets on your bed at all times, you won't be transferring your body oils to the mattress. If you have a drink in bed and accidentally spill it, it won't soak beneath the mattress pad. As an added bonus, the mattress pad provides more support and extra comfort as well.

Clean the Mattress Regularly

You also need to keep your mattress clean on a regular basis. This helps to get rid of dust mites, dander, and other debris that can end up on the mattress. Use the attachment on your vacuum cleaner to vacuum the top of the mattress, as well as the sides. Don't forget to vacuum your box spring if you have one. When you clean the mattress, you can also clean it more thoroughly and improve the smell by sprinkling some baking soda on it before vacuuming. If you have pets or have a history of dust mites in your home, you might want to clean it more often.

Keep Sheets on the Bed

Sheets are not just for comfort, but to provide an extra layer of protection for the mattress. By always keeping sheets on the bed, you reduce the skin cells from ending up on the mattress, which can encourage bed mites. You can also keep pet dander down if they tend to sleep with you, and keep the mattress from excessive wear.