Three Tips For Caring For Upholstered Furniture

The furniture that is in your home can represent a sizable investment in the comfort and appearance of your home's interior. Unfortunately, there are many people that may make the mistake of overlooking the maintenance of these items. In particular, this can be problematic for upholstered furniture. Here are some tips to help you prevent any lasting damages.

Protect Your Upholstery Against Stains

Stains can be particularly problematic for upholstery. While it is possible to have a piece of furniture reupholstered, this can be an expensive and inconvenient task to have done. Fortunately, it is possible for you to use stain guards to help prevent stains from forming. These substances will form a waterproof layer over the fabric, which can keep staining pigments from soaking into the cloth. Typically, these solutions will need to be applied every few months to ensure that they continue to effectively protect your upholstery from staining. If you do happen to get a stain, talk with your manufacturer, like Schoenfeld Interiors, about how to safely remove the spot without damaging the textile.

Remove Dust From The Fabric

Unfortunately, dust can contribute to upholstery developing musty odors. This buildup can also cause breathing problems and spread germs if you aren't dusting at least once a week (if you don't have allergy sufferers in your family, you can get by with dusting about every two weeks). A standard feather duster may not be the best option for cleaning your furniture because it may not be able to effectively pull dust out of the fabric. Luckily, there are dusting cloths that are specially made for use on upholstered furniture. These cloths are either slightly moistened or statically charged to remove dust from between the threads of the upholstery, and they can usually be purchased from most furniture supply stores.

Steam Clean Upholstery Every Few Years

Despite your efforts of dusting and applying stain guards, it is an unavoidable fact that your furniture will gradually become dingy over the years. To help rejuvenate the appearance of your furniture, you should consider having it steam cleaned every few years. Steam cleaners use pressurized steam to help loosen any dirt that may be clinging to the fabric, and they are also equipped with a powerful vacuum that can remove this dirt. Once this type of cleaning has been done, you should place the furniture in a well-ventilated area to allow it to completely dry. By taking the time to perform this type of maintenance every few years, you can help to ensure that your furniture's colors stay as vibrant as possible.