Stylish Decorating Ideas For Your Wooden Bedroom Set

Solid wood furniture is a classic for the bedroom. Timeless in nature, it never goes out of style. Indeed, the warm beauty of natural wood blends well with numerous design schemes. Decorate your bedroom to showcase the beauty of your wooden furniture.

Traditional Bedroom

More elaborate styles of wooden furniture lend themselves to a traditional decorating scheme. However, that doesn't mean you have to get completely formal. For example, instead of a standard floral pattern, consider a more botanical style. Choose a color palette inspired by nature, such as sandy walls and muted greens or yellows as accenting. If utilizing the botanical pattern on the bed, opt for neutral window treatments, such as linen or unbleached cotton. That way, your bedroom features traditional style without being fussy.

Cozy Cottage Style

If you really want to keep the fussiness down, consider a cottage style bedroom. This is appropriate for casual wooden bedroom sets. Indeed, add rustic accents, such as flea market finds, to your bedroom. The bedding should be plush and look homemade – think grandma's quilt. Your décor doesn't have to match completely, but try to stay within a color scheme for a cohesive look. For example, choose colors from the quilt or a vintage rug to use throughout the room.

Art-Inspired Bedroom

Along those same lines, an art-inspired bedroom takes its color scheme from artwork. Start with paintings or pictures that you love, and arrange them in the room. If you are an artist or want to create a studio feel in your bedroom, Better Homes and Gardens suggests adding an easel and console table. Using your easel to display a favorite piece is an excellent way to draw attention to it. The key to preventing the colors from competing is to set a neutral tone. For example, choose white or beige as your foundational color for walls, flooring and bedding. Pull colors out of the artwork for accenting.

Beach Style

Another version of a casual bedroom is one inspired by a beach cottage. Palette is very important here, too. The foundational color should be warm, such as a sandy tone. From there, think about sea glass colors – blue and green. They complement natural wood beautifully. Use shades of blue and green for the comforter and rugs. Include actual glass for other décor, such as vases or bowls. Natural bamboo or matchstick blinds make a complementary window treatment to this bedroom design scheme.

Whether traditional, artistic or some other theme, your décor style should accent your beautiful solid wood furniture. For more information, contact Black Carriage Furniture or a similar company.