What To Focus On When Picking Out Office Furniture

When your company has finally gotten big enough for you to start renting office space, you'll have to buy some furniture in order to have it be professional for your clients and comfortable for your employees. However, while purchasing furniture for your business office is similar to buying furniture for your home, you may not know what to focus on while shopping. Use these tips as a guide for picking out suitable pieces.

Your Company's Brand

Because your company is still growing, it is natural that your first priority would be cost. You might be scouring the internet and local stores to find the cheapest pieces possible. However, it's vital that you realize that any piece of furniture you put in your office is a reflection on you and your company. You need to focus on purchases that fit into your company branding and the type of business you want to be perceived as.

For instance, if you want your company to seem strong and traditional, you may opt for dark wood desks and other substantial wood pieces. However, if your business is reputed to be modern or futuristic, glass and metal pieces might be a better choice.


Another thing that you'll need to pay special attention to is how big different pieces are and how well they will fit with other pieces. This is especially important in small offices and office spaces that a lot of people will use. An office desk might not seem that big when you look at it on a showroom floor, but trying to fit it comfortably into a small office or ordering multiples of that desk might cause trouble for foot traffic and comfort.

To avoid trouble, bring some measuring tape to the stores with you when you shop or make note of measurements on a furniture website. Then, walk off those measurements in your office space to get a good idea about how much room you'll have left if you make that purchase.

Pieces that Have More Than One Function

If you have a small office and don't have much room for too much furniture, it's a smart idea to start looking at pieces of furniture that do more than one job so that you don't have to clutter the space unnecessarily. For example, an ottoman can help you store your files without looking unkempt, but if you need additional seating for a meeting, the ottoman can act as another chair.

The above three things should give you something to focus on when shopping for furniture for your office space. Consult retailers like Configure Office Systems and others in your industry to choose the best pieces.