Features Of A Custom Designed Closet

Having a custom designed clothes closet in your home can be a true luxury. Once you have decided on a location for your custom closet, contact a building contractor to help you design and install all of the features that you would like to have. Here are some features that can be very convenient to include in your custom designed clothes closet:

Sliding Baskets:  A convenient feature that you can have installed in your custom design closet is a series of sliding baskets. These wire baskets are installed on extension bars so they can be pulled out for easy access to their contents. Custom fabric liners can be made to line the wire baskets if desired. A sliding basket can easily function as a laundry hamper. 

Ironing Board:  A folding ironing board can be installed in one area of your custom closet so that you can iron your clothing immediately before you dress for a fresh and polished look. This ironing board can be stored in different positions and pulled out and assembled when needed. When installing an ironing board, position it close to an electrical outlet to power the iron. 

Movable Separators:  Your building contractor can install shelving in your custom closet with shelves that can accommodate movable separators. These separators can slide on grooves cut into your closet shelves to allow you to change the spacing on the shelves as needed. These separators can be made of wood or plastic to hide or reveal the contents of your closet shelves. 

Shoe Racks:  Shoes can be stored on slanted shelving with short fences on the edge of the shelving to hold your shoes in place. Ask your building contractor to make your shoe racks movable so that you can adjust the distance between shelves to accommodate the different heights of your shoes such as athletic shoes, dress shoes, sandals, flats, and boots. 

Lighted Shelves:  Another feature of a custom design closet is shelving with individual under-shelf lights that can be activated by different electric controls on the wall of the closet. In this way, you can light a particular area of the closet and not have to rely on overhead ceiling fixtures. 

Corner Shelves:  Shelves that are located in the corners of your custom design closet can maximize your storage space and give you easy access to the items placed in the corners.   

Cupboard Doors:  You may wish to have cupboard doors installed on some of your closet shelving. These doors can keep your seasonal clothing safely stored away until they are needed. Shelving with cupboard doors are ideal for small items such as scarves, underwear, jewelry, and other personal items.  

A custom designed clothes closet can maximize the space in your closet and help you keep your clothing, shoes, and linens clean and organized. Speak to a building contractor to see about installing any of the above features and also get other ideas for a custom design closet.