3 Reasons To Invest In A Waterbed

The average mattress lasts for around 7 years, with some lasting up to a decade. This means you will eventually be faced with the decision of which type of mattress to buy for the most sleeping comfort. Firm, soft, memory foam, gel-topped, the choices are seemingly endless and can make you feel overwhelmed when shopping for the right mattress for your needs. A waterbed can be a great choice that you maybe haven't even considered. This style of mattress has certainly not run its course as far as popularity with consumers, and you can see what benefits it can have for you by purchasing one for yourself. Here are 3 reasons to invest in a waterbed to help you decide.

They are sanitary 

If the thought of sleeping in your own dander and shed hairs is enough to make your skin crawl, a waterbed may be just what you need. Since the 'mattress' itself is a large vinyl structure, you can simply wipe down its surface on a daily or weekly basis to keep it clean and free of germs and bacteria.This is a lot easier than flipping your mattress like you have to do with traditional styles. As an added bonus your bed may be less susceptible to tricky bed bugs since most of the materials are unsavory for habitation. If you have allergies, a waterbed is a great alternative to a regular mattress.

They custom-fit to your body

A waterbed is, in fact, filled with water, and therefor disperses pressure depending on how you lay down on it. The results are a custom fit every time you go to sleep, which can help reduce back and neck pain while you sleep. If you suffer from back problems or other body aches you can find relief with a waterbed, particularly if you invest in a heated version where you can control the temperature of the water beneath you.

They last twice as long

There's a reason your grandparents still use the same waterbed they've had for years: they last. The average waterbed can easily last 10 years, and many last a few more decades than that with their original vinyl lining. You may have to patch and repair small holes over time, but with general care you can expect a waterbed to outlast any other mattress you've ever owned. This may make having a waterbed worth any investment, particularly if you have been dissatisfied with your past traditional mattress purchases.

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