Creating a Multi-Use Guest Room and Home Office

In many households, there's a shortage of space. Each room has a purpose and in some cases, a single space serves multiple purposes. Here, you'll find a few tips to help you keep your guest room while creating a professional and productive home office.

1. The Bed

Oftentimes, guest beds are only used a few times each year, but those times, the beds are needed. So, rather than getting rid of the bed or working on or around it, you can change out the traditional bed for a custom wood wall bed.

These murphy-style wall beds can be beautiful pieces of furniture, or they can be made to disappear into the wall entirely. Your queen-size guest bed can quickly be folded into the wall and opened in just minutes when the guest arrives.

If you have kids or grandkids that use the room from time to time, consider the bunk-style wall beds. This style drops two twin-size beds out of the wall for the kids to use whenever they come for a visit. When they leave, the beds are folded back up into place and the space quickly becomes your office once again.

These beds can be found to include dressers and other storage features that will eliminate the need for extra pieces of furniture in the room. Before you make any decisions about the unit that will be in your home office for the next several years, take your time to browse through the vast selection. You might just be surprised at how beautiful these units can be.

2. Office Hutch

Rather than having to clear your desk off to ensure privacy and a neat environment, an office hutch can be used in the room. These hutches can be designed to close so that you won't have to clear the desk. There are even some that are equipped with locks so you won't have to worry about what the kids might get into when you close the door behind you at night.

The hutch that you choose can house all of your office supplies and provide you with the workspace that can easily be hidden if a guest drops by expectantly. Even the power supplies can be incorporated into the design so you won't have cords hanging from under the desk that could put the kids at risk.

You don't have to choose—your home office can double as a guest room without making your guests feel as if they've spent the night at the office. Hopefully, the ideas above will help you get started in the transformation of your multi-purpose space.