Keys To Buying A Solid Murphy Bed

Murphy beds are particularly unique because of their ability to close up inside or against a wall. They thus give you ample space when the bed isn't needed. If you're buying this special furniture, use this advice to come away with a solid purchase.

Focus on Sizing

Just like traditional mattresses, you can get murphy beds in different sizes. These range from twin to California king. You want to get this attribute right so that the murphy bed does its job and you don't pay more than you should. 

Think about who will be using this bed. Is it for guests who are a couple? If so, you would want a larger size. Or maybe this bed is just for you and in that case, a smaller size would suffice. Go with a size that works best for what this bed is being used for. 

Assess Pop-Up Design

Murphy beds are unique because they can pop up and give way to more space. You want to consider exactly how this bed pops up against a wall. Two common options include horizontal and vertical.

A vertical pop-up design is ideal if you have plenty of room. Whereas if space is tight, a horizontal pop-up design may be the better option. You can lower and raise the bed even if you don't have a lot of space. Think about which design suits the room where this bed is going best. 

Try Out in Person

Buying a murphy bed is a lot different than a standard mattress because of the unique mechanisms involved. Before you commit to any one murphy bed, you'll be better off trying it out in person.

You want to see exactly how this bed works because then you can visualize it better in your own space. If the seller gives you permission, practice moving it up and down. You want to feel the mechanisms at play so that you can assess the murphy bed's design quality. Also take this time to feel the materials to make sure they're to your liking.

Murphy beds may be just what you need to provide a comfortable place to stay at night and then have added space during the day. If you're careful about how you look for these beds — keeping in mind certain details — then it's easy to find a great option for whichever room the bed is going in. 

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